Saturday, September 15, 2007

This was a fun project while it lasted, just don't have time for it right now. Thanks to all who shared !
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Friday, January 12, 2007

Visit my new blog where I share all the weird stuff I like!

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007
Song Poem #11

Thi is one of many great poems written by the great Tony Downs. He sent me about ten of them believe it or not, all of them great! A lot of his poems are written in the rap genre, and from what he tells me this would make song poem history being the FIRST rap song poem! Visit Tony's site for more great song poem stuff!

"Ask To Mock!" Poem by Anthony Downs

A knock on the door and who do I see?
Well, it’s my homie Tee with his homie the bad seed,
They walk right in and they start to laugh,
Cuz my mom just asked if I peed the bath
I look my mom right dead in the eye,
And tell her “so what, my bath, it’s my right!
And so what I’m gassy like silly,
From eating all the chili,
10 cans couldn’t fill me,
Tee and the seed are nowhere to be found,
Then from the kitchen I’m hearin’ an awful sound,
The door is open on the fridge,
I start to shout, “NO yo, mom’s gonna bitch!”
Tee looks at me like he’s gonna trip,
He says, “My God dude,
Look at all the food,
You’re stocked up with a feast till at least 2082”
I jump in like a CB, gangsta ninja-player,
Sayin here’s all the flava you’re gonna saver
One slice meat, one slice bread,
No cheese, don’t frown at me, you heard what I said!
Seed looks at me and starts to point,
“One slice bro, all you get in this joint!”
Seed and Tee laugh nonstop,
But I say:

Guy ask to mock,
Mock to ask to learn,
Learn to ask to mock before I give you a gaia burn

In front of the TV and what do I see?
Two oversized sammies bein eaten by T and the seed!
My head tilts down as I start to frown,
Turn the TV to the blue channel to lose the sound
Index and thumb locked around my nose,
I say, “dammit bros” in a low tone,
They start to laugh once again,
“Bro, hey yo I thought we were friends!”
Seed looks at me and he says “we are, this is true”
Before he opens a can of Mountain Dew,
Tee looks at me and he does the same,
Then I feel like I’ve gone insane,
“I can’t support your habit non-stop!
Did you ask to pop the top on that pop?”
Tee says, “Uh Oh, Guy get mad!”
Seed follows up with an “oops, sorry dad!”
Now I’m in the front yard kickin’ on a tree,
Mad as I just might ever be,
Watching that tree shake from the bottom to the top,
And I don’t stop shouting till that tree drops:

Guy ask to mock,
Mock to ask to learn,
Learn to ask to mock before I give you a gaia burn

Why oh why don’t they listen to guy?
Why oh why, oh why oh why? (times three)

Thanks Tony for these great rhymes!

Phoneyfresh - Ask To Mock!
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Song Poem #10

Here's a special treat for you! A poem by me turned into a song by The Original Crazy Dave! Dave Dubowski is a great new talent who sells his service on Ebay, and you can get a song done for a very reasonable price. I paid $15.00, a lot better deal than the $300 you might pay in the days of old for a song. Just go to and see one of his auctions, you can also get some flower seeds from him while your at it!

"Clothespin Boogie" Poem By Tony Vosik, Music By Crazy Dave

Verse 1:

Down at the gas station
they give out false teeth and salvation
they say its the best in the nation
they claim its the cheapest in town

so roll your rug out on my floor
and pound a nail into my door
what was the football score
how do they calculate these things

dont call me on the telephone
dont ring the bell when I aint home
dont ask me where I come from
I wouldnt ask such things of you

dont give my dog your chicken bones
don't spray him down with cheap cologne
dont ask me to play on your trombone
OK, maybe a note or two

Verse 2:

Down at the power plant
they got snorkels in their hands
they like to smack me on the ass
they invite me out to dinner

but when I punch that time clock
and put my key into that lock
and set fire to my paper smock
I feel like such a winner


Everybody's got the cheese
flingin' their rancid sausages at me
everybody's gettin' high as the moon
floatin' down the river on a plastic spoon......and now i croon........

(Chorus 2x, fade on second)

Thanks Dave for the great music!!!!!

Crazy Dave - Clothespin Boogie

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Song Poem #9

Another Great Song Poem by J. Richardson, a truly great lyricist who has had song done by Magic Key and J. Gale Kilgore in the past.

"Livin' on the Outskirts of Love" Poem by J. Richardson

You really did a number
on this trusting heart of mine
Got me hooked and reeled me in
without hardly even tryin'

As soon as you wrapped up my heart
The game was all but through
it was time to fool another fool
like the one who cherished you.

CHORUS-Though I'm livin' on the outskirts of love
I'll be comin' back to town one fine day
I'll find another baby with a true and lovin' touch
to help me toss your memory away.

A finer job of acting
Tinseltown has never seen
it certainly deserves a spot
up on that silver screen

but now I'll take the leading role
the plot is gonna change
A happy ending's on the way
not the one which you arranged.

Congratulations on your prize
but I won't be down for long
I know I'll find a heart that's true
we'll write a sweeter song
And one day you'll sit all alone
feelin' what I'm feelin' now
That will be your chance to learn
and redeem yourself somehow.

Thanks for another great one Jeff!

Tony Vosik - Livin' on the Outskirts of Love
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Song Poem #8

This ones from Magnus over at, a really cool site by the way.

"I Am Zoomer" - Poem By Magnus

I am Zoomer
the hip beatnik tiki robot
Zoom out
Got that swing?
I'm in the swing of things cool

I am Zoomer the beatnik tiki robot WOW
Building your world

I may look odd to YOU
Looking ODD!
But I am Zoomer
Zoom out yeah!

Sipping on a Coconaut
upside down to you
The way I like it MAN

Hanging out with the Mooncreature from the Moooooon
spinning hip wax from Saturn. That's cool
Ethereal bongo beats and
electronic zounds
by some cats up the hill

It's the wake up call
Gotta go to that room
where the birds sing sweeeetly
Se you around
Like in Tiki-ville baby


Thanks man for the great poem!

Tony Vosik - I Am Zoomer
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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Merry Christmas! Here's a special Christmas Song Poem for all of you! It comes courtesy of Tom Lewis and was written by his five year old twins Ivy and Noah! I thought it would be a great chance to use my little brother Wilson and sisters Carmen and Megan as backup singers on this one. Thanks for your help guys!

"Santa on a Motorcycle" Poem by Ivy and Noah

Santa, its to you

Santa on a motorcycle

Driving thru the north pole

Bringing presents

The elves are making toys

The chimneys are waiting

All the children are dreaming

Christmas lights

Everyone says hooray!

Christmas trees

The children play with their toys

Everyone says Santa

Christmas CDs

Thank you, Santa. It's the ending tale

And thank you Kids for the great poem! Hope Santa's good to you!

DOWNLOAD the Song:
Tony Vosik an the Kids - Santa on a Motorcycle
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Friday, December 15, 2006

And now a poem from J. Richardson, who is an avid Song-poem author and has even had songs done by Magic Key And J. Gale Kilgore. Impressive! And now I have the privilege to interpret this gem....

"LINOLEUM, HOORAY!" Poem By J. Richardson

Linoleum has been my life
It's done a lot for me
It paid for Brenda's braces
and Tom's psychotherapy.

It's why that pool's out in the yard
and a boat's out on the bay
It's why I'd like to sing my thanks
Linoleum, hooray!


Hooray for linoleum, an American tradition
It's been around so gosh-darn long
An unlimited edition
Linoleum is always there
to be a family friend
The wonders of linoleum
are wonders without end.

Imagine no linoleum
Not easy but just try
It saved the day for countless folks
And every girl and guy
who makes their choice linoleum
will be glad they chose so well
when all their guests say
"Golly, your linoleum looks swell!"

Tony and The P.F.S. Dance Hall Band - LINOLEUM, HOORAY!
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Please forgive me Lord, for I know not what I do! This one is kinda bad, my performance I mean. I did one take love it or leave it. I am really trying to stay true to some of the Song Poem rules of thumb: Don't ever do more than one take, and don't spend too long on any one song! But I don't have hundreds of poems rolling in either. Oh well, the beauty of these tunes is their total rawness, and total lack of commercial appeal! The words here are great though, thanks to Trademark G. over at The Evolution Control Committee, an ode to a librarian love of his past.

"From Aardvark to Zythum" Poem By TradeMark G.

I remember the day
When I first did lay
My eyes on your spectacled face
Topped with blond curls
Reading Funk & Wagnall's
At the library of Orsonville Place

I felt my jaw drop
As you looked up
Some word beginning with I
And I said "S'cuse me,
How 'bout you 'n' me
Look up something beginning with You."

When I think of your love
A to Z's not enough
I love you from Aardvark to Zythum!
Aardvark, my love!
Zythum, my love!
I love you from Aardvark to Zythum!

Now I love U
And U love I
But I and U aren't enough!
Not I to U,
But A to Z -
And even THAT'S not enough!

When I think of our love
A to Z's not enough
I love you from Aardvark to Zythum!
Aardvark, my love!
Zythum, my love!
I love you from Aardvark to Zythum!

Thank you Trademark G.!

Tony And the Top-Notch Players - From Aardvark to Zythum

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Off The Charts

I finally got a copy of "Off The Charts: The Song Poem Story", and it's a great film! I highly recommend it if you are interested in Song Poem music. You can get it on Ebay pretty cheap (I only paid one cent plus four bucks shipping) so check it out!
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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wowee Zowee! Some Really great poems have been coming in now! I'm up to my neck in 'em! Like I said previously, I can't guarantee that every poem will become a song, but the material I've been getting is all worthy! So bear with me as it may take a while to see your work fully realized as a poem, I don't have a full group of musicians to back me up or else I'd just pump 'em out like days of old. Your poems will be made in the order they are received.

Special thanks goes to PCL LinkDump for the help, without you some cool cats probably would never have found me! Also thanks to all the others who have linked to this site!
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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Really not sure what this one is about or what "Teffelone" is exactly, but the poems writer Otis Fodder says it's dedicated to someone. I'm guessing that it's a nickname or inside joke of some kind. Anyway here 'tis, sung by my good friend the fantastic Andy and his Apple Boppers!

"Teffelone" Poem by Otis Fodder

Teffelone Teffelone
How do you do?
Cherry Lollipop?
Rockets for Two?

A String and a bag
Can be such a treat
Or one stoplight
And a Pie Made of Meat

Praise the lord, I'm A Man
A Manley Man Man
And you are a woman
You god fearing woman
From the tiny small town
Of Pepe Le Pew
One stoplight and a Pie made of meat
Lord what a treat

Two Two Two Five Three
I Found Love
Two Two Two Five Three
Cause I am...
Teffelone Teffelone Teffelone
I'm I'm
Teffelone Teffelone Teffelone
I'm I'm
Teffelone Teffelone Teffelone
And Teffelone is
the most beautiful word
in the world...

Thanks Otis for the great poem!

Download the Song:
Andy and the Apple Boppers - Teffelone
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This Poem was written by an old friend of mine, Josh. I just performed it folk style with clunky guitar and mouth harp under my folk alter ego, A. James Barnswallow.

"Moratorium" Poem by Josh Courtney

Tantalizing my mind with thoughts of thinking
Nothing more though it seems
I've caught my breath underneath the sheets
Burning the ashes like feeding the full
Nevertheless I yearn for more
Purity contained in lustful thoughts
Afraid of the future damning the past
Looking further and further into the end
Not sure where to go, but forwards a choice
Can this just be failure picking on me?
Or rather devastation making me
All in all life is grand
But I make the choice of filtering the sand

Thanks Josh for the words!

DOWNLOAD the Song:
A. James Barnswallow - Moratorium

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Hello again! Here's the second song poem for you all. This time you get to hear me at my Magic Organ!
All of the laughing you hear is my own voice multi-tracked. Hope you like it!

"Laughing" Poem By Michael Leigh

I was laughing fit to bust
Laughing so much
I thought I'd pop
All the buttons on my shirt
I laughed so much it hurt

I just couldn't stop laughing
What a hoot!
I thought my sides would split
They did!
And what's more
all my funny bones
Fell out on the floor!

Thanks Michael!

DOWNLOAD the Song:
Tony Vosik at his Magic Organ - Laughing

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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Ok, Here tis the first song poem! It took me a while because I was having lot of computer problems, but things are getting back in shape now. Anyways here she is, please download and comment!

"Technicolor Tomorrows" Poem By Shawn Kiser

stand young girl
out the dark room window fly
and you thought you were high
bathed in the starlight
they are your eyes looking
down through crystal grey skies

she sleeps on cloud tops
trapped under a looking glass
they never know
the lightning sparks from your wand
shes strong in faith she dreams of love
she comes down to play
with imaginary friends by the lake

go make your round to the flowers
holding hands dance in a circle
the sea is a sky
the sea is a sky

dive into the rushing waters
on the clouds slumber
for all
dream of colorful tomorrows

Thanks Shawn for the great poem!


Tony Vosik - Technicolor Tomorrows

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