Tuesday, January 9, 2007
Song Poem #9

Another Great Song Poem by J. Richardson, a truly great lyricist who has had song done by Magic Key and J. Gale Kilgore in the past.

"Livin' on the Outskirts of Love" Poem by J. Richardson

You really did a number
on this trusting heart of mine
Got me hooked and reeled me in
without hardly even tryin'

As soon as you wrapped up my heart
The game was all but through
it was time to fool another fool
like the one who cherished you.

CHORUS-Though I'm livin' on the outskirts of love
I'll be comin' back to town one fine day
I'll find another baby with a true and lovin' touch
to help me toss your memory away.

A finer job of acting
Tinseltown has never seen
it certainly deserves a spot
up on that silver screen

but now I'll take the leading role
the plot is gonna change
A happy ending's on the way
not the one which you arranged.

Congratulations on your prize
but I won't be down for long
I know I'll find a heart that's true
we'll write a sweeter song
And one day you'll sit all alone
feelin' what I'm feelin' now
That will be your chance to learn
and redeem yourself somehow.

Thanks for another great one Jeff!

Tony Vosik - Livin' on the Outskirts of Love
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  • At February 11, 2007 at 1:18:00 PM PST, Blogger David said…

    Love the singing on this one, especially when you "fry" your voice. I'm not sure if that's the correct term but I did hear a singer use it once. It's the vocal sound Kenny Rogers uses in "Ruby." Far out, man! Keep up the good work,
    The Original Crazy Dave

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