Tuesday, January 9, 2007
Song Poem #11

Thi is one of many great poems written by the great Tony Downs. He sent me about ten of them believe it or not, all of them great! A lot of his poems are written in the rap genre, and from what he tells me this would make song poem history being the FIRST rap song poem! Visit Tony's site http://tonydowns1975.tripod.com/ for more great song poem stuff!

"Ask To Mock!" Poem by Anthony Downs

A knock on the door and who do I see?
Well, it’s my homie Tee with his homie the bad seed,
They walk right in and they start to laugh,
Cuz my mom just asked if I peed the bath
I look my mom right dead in the eye,
And tell her “so what, my bath, it’s my right!
And so what I’m gassy like silly,
From eating all the chili,
10 cans couldn’t fill me,
Tee and the seed are nowhere to be found,
Then from the kitchen I’m hearin’ an awful sound,
The door is open on the fridge,
I start to shout, “NO yo, mom’s gonna bitch!”
Tee looks at me like he’s gonna trip,
He says, “My God dude,
Look at all the food,
You’re stocked up with a feast till at least 2082”
I jump in like a CB, gangsta ninja-player,
Sayin here’s all the flava you’re gonna saver
One slice meat, one slice bread,
No cheese, don’t frown at me, you heard what I said!
Seed looks at me and starts to point,
“One slice bro, all you get in this joint!”
Seed and Tee laugh nonstop,
But I say:

Guy ask to mock,
Mock to ask to learn,
Learn to ask to mock before I give you a gaia burn

In front of the TV and what do I see?
Two oversized sammies bein eaten by T and the seed!
My head tilts down as I start to frown,
Turn the TV to the blue channel to lose the sound
Index and thumb locked around my nose,
I say, “dammit bros” in a low tone,
They start to laugh once again,
“Bro, hey yo I thought we were friends!”
Seed looks at me and he says “we are, this is true”
Before he opens a can of Mountain Dew,
Tee looks at me and he does the same,
Then I feel like I’ve gone insane,
“I can’t support your habit non-stop!
Did you ask to pop the top on that pop?”
Tee says, “Uh Oh, Guy get mad!”
Seed follows up with an “oops, sorry dad!”
Now I’m in the front yard kickin’ on a tree,
Mad as I just might ever be,
Watching that tree shake from the bottom to the top,
And I don’t stop shouting till that tree drops:

Guy ask to mock,
Mock to ask to learn,
Learn to ask to mock before I give you a gaia burn

Why oh why don’t they listen to guy?
Why oh why, oh why oh why? (times three)

Thanks Tony for these great rhymes!

Phoneyfresh - Ask To Mock!
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  • At January 9, 2007 at 7:55:00 PM PST, Blogger La said…

    who is rapping this??.. trust me when i say i know the creation to guy.. and the chacter is all wrong.. nothing aginst the rapper at all.. he s good in general but this isnt a general song..

    anthoney wrote some great lyrics but i think who ever was rapping this is out of chacter.. sorry.. or the guy chacter needs to be in the background of some sort.. actually u guys need to let anthony do the voice in the background if u do it that way..

  • At January 10, 2007 at 8:44:00 AM PST, Blogger DJ DedTony said…

    This is Tony Downs, replying to a couple of things here...1st off, the Guy character is rooted signifigantly in the confines of the voice used to imitate and continue the character, but the attitude and interpretation of my lyrics, are well beyond my expectations here..I'd give the song a 99.9%....In other words, the lack of the character of Guy's voice actually appearing on the track aside, I have to say the song is awesome...As it is, as a lyrical contributer to the songpoem ONLY, I was not in the studio, therefore the vocalization could not be applied to the final product...Perhaps a remix is in order...haha...Beyond this element,I have learned that Magic Key Productions, a songpoem label, had delved into the world of rap songpoems (although, the song is still EXTREMELY RARE, in terms of genre! Hell, somngpoems are rare, songpoem raps are just that much more rare.)...This information comes from Gary Forney, an authority in the songpoem genre...So, my character's voice ain't there, and it ain't the very first rap songpoem, but it is a VERY well interpreted, funny and enjoyable track....Thanks for the responses and long live the productions of Phoneyfresh....

  • At January 10, 2007 at 3:41:00 PM PST, Blogger Meow Meow Meow said…

    I think "Guy" is such a strong character that it can transcend specific incarnations, and the rapper did an awesome job of doing so. "Guy" is so much about attitude and dialogue. The lyrics are so obviously "Guy" that the song is almost as accurate as when someone is simply distorting their voice as "Guy". Furthermore, I think hearing someone else do the "Guy" character is so funny! Plus, the rapper's voices themselves were SO funny. I loved his interpretation! The lyrics were TOO funny!

    The beat and the mix were professional quality!! This song is AWESOME!! Both the rapper and the lyricist did an extraordinary job! Here's to more collaborations!!!!!!

  • At January 29, 2007 at 4:52:00 PM PST, Blogger dedtony said…

    Hey, got another done via crazy Dave (THANKS for posting Dave's information on your site!)...


    If the html shows up as just a bunch of HTML...Go to my site at:


    Turn your stereos up to eleven and check this out! My lyrics, Crazy Dave on the rest and it's a Scabz of Rage thing y'all!!! hahahaha...Give the track a listen and leave me some feedback...

  • At February 25, 2007 at 11:19:00 AM PST, Blogger Billy Sugarfix said…

    Hey Phoney Fresh,

    I'm having a Song Poem Contest! Please send us your lyrics!


  • At June 15, 2009 at 12:20:00 AM PDT, Blogger leo30 said…

    hehe :D
    cool composition...
    enjoyed reading..!! :-)

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