Friday, December 15, 2006

And now a poem from J. Richardson, who is an avid Song-poem author and has even had songs done by Magic Key And J. Gale Kilgore. Impressive! And now I have the privilege to interpret this gem....

"LINOLEUM, HOORAY!" Poem By J. Richardson

Linoleum has been my life
It's done a lot for me
It paid for Brenda's braces
and Tom's psychotherapy.

It's why that pool's out in the yard
and a boat's out on the bay
It's why I'd like to sing my thanks
Linoleum, hooray!


Hooray for linoleum, an American tradition
It's been around so gosh-darn long
An unlimited edition
Linoleum is always there
to be a family friend
The wonders of linoleum
are wonders without end.

Imagine no linoleum
Not easy but just try
It saved the day for countless folks
And every girl and guy
who makes their choice linoleum
will be glad they chose so well
when all their guests say
"Golly, your linoleum looks swell!"

Tony and The P.F.S. Dance Hall Band - LINOLEUM, HOORAY!
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