Tuesday, January 9, 2007
Song Poem #10

Here's a special treat for you! A poem by me turned into a song by The Original Crazy Dave! Dave Dubowski is a great new talent who sells his service on Ebay, and you can get a song done for a very reasonable price. I paid $15.00, a lot better deal than the $300 you might pay in the days of old for a song. Just go to www.EasyDinar.com and see one of his auctions, you can also get some flower seeds from him while your at it!

"Clothespin Boogie" Poem By Tony Vosik, Music By Crazy Dave

Verse 1:

Down at the gas station
they give out false teeth and salvation
they say its the best in the nation
they claim its the cheapest in town

so roll your rug out on my floor
and pound a nail into my door
what was the football score
how do they calculate these things

dont call me on the telephone
dont ring the bell when I aint home
dont ask me where I come from
I wouldnt ask such things of you

dont give my dog your chicken bones
don't spray him down with cheap cologne
dont ask me to play on your trombone
OK, maybe a note or two

Verse 2:

Down at the power plant
they got snorkels in their hands
they like to smack me on the ass
they invite me out to dinner

but when I punch that time clock
and put my key into that lock
and set fire to my paper smock
I feel like such a winner


Everybody's got the cheese
flingin' their rancid sausages at me
everybody's gettin' high as the moon
floatin' down the river on a plastic spoon......and now i croon........

(Chorus 2x, fade on second)

Thanks Dave for the great music!!!!!

Crazy Dave - Clothespin Boogie

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