Thursday, December 7, 2006

Ok, Here tis the first song poem! It took me a while because I was having lot of computer problems, but things are getting back in shape now. Anyways here she is, please download and comment!

"Technicolor Tomorrows" Poem By Shawn Kiser

stand young girl
out the dark room window fly
and you thought you were high
bathed in the starlight
they are your eyes looking
down through crystal grey skies

she sleeps on cloud tops
trapped under a looking glass
they never know
the lightning sparks from your wand
shes strong in faith she dreams of love
she comes down to play
with imaginary friends by the lake

go make your round to the flowers
holding hands dance in a circle
the sea is a sky
the sea is a sky

dive into the rushing waters
on the clouds slumber
for all
dream of colorful tomorrows

Thanks Shawn for the great poem!


Tony Vosik - Technicolor Tomorrows

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